Posted in July 2012

How to Format and Reinstall Windows 7

Months ago, I had problem with my Windows 7, So I had to Reinstall it. After searched the tutorial, I’ve found this useful video. So, I thought that I have to post it here. For you who have problem with your Windows and Don’t know How to Format and Reinstall Windows 7, You can watch … Continue reading

Windows 8 Will be Released on October 26

Windows 8 Will be Released on October 26

For Windows enthusiasts or Windows users, Microsoft have a great news for you, Windows 8 which has been waited by million of people will be released on October, 26. Steven Sinofsky announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that Customers can use Windows 8 by upgrading their Operating System or buying new computer, starting on October, … Continue reading

Firefox 14 Has been Released

Firefox 14 Has been Released

Mozilla Has been launched it’s new browser, Firefox 14. There are no major changing in this version. But, it came with new features that make your Browsing activities more safer. Firefox now automatically uses https for all searches. It’s make you feel safer when using public Wi-Fi. Firefox also improve site identity, to prevent spoofing … Continue reading

Android 4.1, Jelly Bean

“The fastest and smoothest version of Android”, the tagline that represent Jelly Bean version of Android. Not only that, this version is more simple and beautiful. “Like turning pages in a book”, describe how fast Jelly Bean is. Jelly Bean makes your Android Device more responsive by boosting the device’s CPU when you touch it. … Continue reading

Goal Line Technology Controversy

(I submitted this article to As we know, in football, the players try to make the ball passes the goal line. Scoring a goal isn’t easy in football. So, when a team can make a goal, they will celebrate it. But, the problem is there are plenty of controversy when there are too many … Continue reading

Football and Technology

It’s been a general issue that in Football there are plenty of controversial decision are made by the referee or linesman. The incident that people remember may Frank lampard shoot from outer box that passed the line are not counted by the referee. From that incident, the research for goal line technology is started. And … Continue reading